Windscreen Cover Car Windscreen Cover Magnetic Fixation Foldable Removable Car Cover for Snow, Ice, Frost, Dust, Sun

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Til Butik

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4-level protection: made of 4 layers of high-quality material (aluminium foil, cotton fabric, cotton, fleece), protect your vehicles from ultraviolet rays, pollen, fallen leaves, rain, snow, ice, frost and dust. Save your time on winter morning to scrape snow. Suitable for all seasons: The 9 magnetic car window cover protects against frost, snow or ice stacking on the windscreen in winter, blocks UV rays and keeps you cool in summer, blocks dust in spring and keeps you away from fallen leaves in autumn and provides protection for all weather. Easy to install: it comes with two side mirror covers with reflective warning strips to avoid collisions at night. The side wall flap with buckle acts as a theft protection for your windscreen snow cover and these two small wings are thinner to make the doors completely closed to prevent rain or snow from flowing into your car. Perfect for outdoor use. Universal dimensions: the tarpaulin car window with magnets is available in a size of 240 x 116

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