Waterproof Steamer Sun Lounger Bed Cover – Outdoor Heavy Duty Weather Protection – Black

116,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554101670160210


When you close the backdoor at the end of the summer it can be easy to forget about any garden furniture that is left out in the open until the temperature rises again 6 months later. Our weather resistant steamer lounger cover makes for an essential purchase that protects your cherished lounger from the ice, wind, rain and snow until youre ready to use it again. This cover will work with almost any sized lounger to shield it from the harsh British weather. If your furniture is left exposed for too long it could lead to the material becoming damaged, which may require you to buy a replacement. The use of a simple heavy duty polyester cover such as this will make all the difference and save money in the long run. Our cover can be adjusted using the toggle drawstring to pull it across the lounger tightly for a snug fit. The in-built air-vent allows the furniture piece to breathe and not be smothered by the cover, striking the right balance between protection and maintenance. The steamer

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