Waterproof protective cover for garden chimenea 182x61cm – Primematik

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Til Butik

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Waterproof protective canvas cover, ideal to protect from inclement weather and harmful natural elements. Perfect for preventing the wear of metallic elements, wood and fabrics, both in exterior and interior spaces. Ideal for preserving all kinds of objects such as garden tables and chairs, outdoor barbecues, swings, parasols, construction materials, scaffolding, vehicles and construction machinery, etc. specs Protective cover for a 182 x 61 cm garden stove. Ideal to preserve the stove and extend its life time, avoiding corrosion and wear in different weather conditions such as rain, sun, wind, cold, etc. Made of plasticized green polyethylene raffia with a thickness of 0.13 millimeters. Upper circumference diameter: 25cm. Waterproof, flexible, resistant and long-lasting material. It has metallic eyelets to be able to pass a cord that allows to improve the subjection. The edges are woven with double stitching, adding extra protection and preventing water and dirt from reaching the

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