Watch Battery Change Kit, Watch Case Opener Used to Open Watch Cover by Turning, Watch Disassembly Kit, Watch Case Holder, Tweezers, User Manual

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[Easy Watch Stack Replacement Kit] – This kit consists of a watch case remover, a watch case bracket, and tweezers. It can help you open the watch cover to replace the watch battery and remove the dust inside the watch. Tweezers are used to take out the battery. Adjustment. [Use of case holder] – The case holder helps to fix the watch and reduce the risk of sliding and scratching. It is suitable for watches of all sizes, and can be used for watches up to 50 mm in diameter. [picture operation manual] – The operation manual is included with the kit. The detailed pictures explain the correct use method to you, avoid damaging the watch due to improper operation, and help you solve the problem of the watch at home

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