Universal tool for fuel pumps – Locking ring for car tank – Tank cover – Adjustable c hepble – Car accessories

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Adjustable size: This oil pump cap lid has a wide adjustment range that suits different oil pump caps. 185 mm in maximum diameter, 135 mm in minimal diameter. This tool is ideal for removing the fuel tank cover from 5 and 7 holes. Folding foot type with radiant design, better suited to the mounting surface of the oil pump cover to ensure that operation does not slip easily. An essential tool: this sensor tank cap tool fuel allows the fuel sensor to be replaced quickly and effectively without damaging the oil pump rings. Use: this fuel pump dismantling tool can easily remove and attach the safety ring to the fuel tank during maintenance of the fuel pump or the fuel emission unit. (Use a training ratchet or a 1/2 doe foot) Applications: this fuel ring tool suits vehicles to remove and install the fuel pump support that keeps the fuel pump module on the gas tank. (Check the size before buying)

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