Tough Master – Water Resistant Tarpaulin 6m x 8m tarpaulin sheet – durable, reinforced

280,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554100113062768


Provide weatherproof protection for your belongings and outdoor projects with this durable, water resistant tarpaulin from TOUGH MASTER®. This practical tarpaulin is created from 3 woven layers of hard-wearing water resistant polyethylene. It’s coated on each side for added durability, resistance to water, mildew and tearing and protection against UV radiation. It guarantees year round protection in all weather conditions, rain and shine. Reinforced corners and rope reinforced heat sealed edges resist tearing, even in windy conditions or with heavy loads. This large tarpaulin is also reversible for extra versatility green on one side and grey on the other. That way, you have a choice of colours to suit the surroundings; the green blends in nicely with vegetation, for example. This rugged tarpaulin sheet has metal grommets along all 4 edges so that you can add a cord to secure the tarp around whatever it is that you’re trying to protect: firewood, outdoor furniture, piles of compost or

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