The Cove Poster

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Til Butik

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Vægplakat af billedskaberen Andrea Zappia, der beskriver værket; A shot taken in July in the company of a friend. we were in Liguria with a pizza and a beer. We had in mind to do a night in this very beautiful and particular cove and right there behind the rock a cruise ship did not want to know to leave .So we found a composition that would allow the rock to completely cover the ship and that created a natural glow without needing to do it in the post 😄tra moisture and mosquitoes we waited at 2 o’clock at night when the milk would fall exactly above the rock . 5 stacking shots from 4 minutes and one for milky . Dette plakat har stående orientering. En härlig bild i kategorin Natt. Alle vores Plakat er trykt på et 200 gram mat premium papir med en glat finish for en førsteklasses følelse.

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