Tarpaulin IBC Tank Cover 120 x 100 x 116 cm 1000 L – Material High Density Polyethylene Black Water Tank Container Protective Cover 210D Rainwater

218,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554101410939326


EFFECTIVE: When IBC tanks are stored outdoors without protection, the contents and the tank itself can be damaged by UV rays. Our UV cover for the 1000 liter IBC rainwater tank protects your water tank from harmful UV rays.PRACTICAL: With the cut-outs and tarpaulin flaps, it is possible to use the IBC tank without having to remove the cover.ROBUST: The protective cover is durable, resistant to the negative effects of the sun and tearing.MATERIAL: The IBC protective cover is made of 210D Polyester.DIMENSIONS: 1200mm L x 1000mm W x 1160mm H for tank 1000L IBC, Easy InstallationProduct DescriptionDescription*Especially when IBC tanks are stored outdoors without protection, harmful UV rays can damage the contents and the tank itself.*With UV protection film which we protect as a utility model, you always have clear water and extend the life of the IBC tanks.*With the cutouts, flaps, it is even possible to use the covered IBC tank without avoi r to remove the foil.*This means that there

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