Tank cover, IBC cover 600 liter tank cover, 600 liter tank accessories – tank protection cover – IBC cover with perforated and cut UV protective film

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Til Butik

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☂ Waterproof – Made of high quality material, our IBC bag cover is waterproof, dustproof, wearproof and can effectively protect the water tank of the IBC bag or the rainwater tank from sunlight, thus helping to prolong its service life.

  • ☂ Easy storage – Our IBC protective cover is reusable. And it can be folded. Plus, it’s easy to store. Perfect protective cover for IBC water tanks and other rainwater containers. ☂ Full protection – Our IBC water tank covers not only can protect 600 water tanks l from the sun or rain water, but also prevent the growth of algae inside the tanks. The tanks can be used with the lid. ☂ Easy to use – Our IBC water tank lid is designed with zippers. And it also has a mouth that opens above. It’s very easy to use. Water tanks can work without moving the cover. ☂ Wide range of uses – Our IBC tank cover size is 120*80*100cm. It can be widely used to cover IBC water tank or about 600L rainwater tank.
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