Stretch Corner Sofa Cover, L Shape Sofa Cover, Universal Sofa Cover (3 Seater + 2 Seater, Black)

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Til Butik

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Stretch: 92% Polyester + 8% Spandex Stretch fabric stretches more easily and fits comfortably over your sofa. It’s a sofa cover. specially designed for the sofa corner. In addition, there are foam cylinders that can be inserted into the seams of the sofa. to keep the sofa cover in place. And having a sofa cover corner cover not only protects your sofa from stains, but also looks good on your. Size Chart: Regardless of the position of the Side lounger left or right of the sofa mainly the sofa cover could be suitable for; Your sofa L-shaped. The package contains two sofa covers, please install two sofa covers. for the corresponding two parts of your sofa. You can measure the length of AB and CD to check which seater the two parts are, then choose the combination, for example 4 seater + 3 seater.

Which location? You can know at Which location does each part (AB, CD) of your sofa correspond to? according to the following size chart. 1 seat suitable for; the length: 90-140cm, 2 seats

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