Soleil – Recliner Sofa Slipcover Stretch Velvet Recliner Couch Cover 3 Cushion Recliner Couch Cover Sofa Slipcover Thick and Soft Washable (Set of 8)

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Til Butik

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HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: This innovative patented 8 piece 3 seater chaise sofa cover is made of luxurious velvet plush fabric, very soft, comfortable and sturdy, the ultimate decorative sofa cover is very kindly customizable. 3 Seater Recliner Dimensions: Our 8 piece 3 seater slipcover fits perfectly on 3 recliner sofas in 8 separate pieces including 2 armrests, 3 center back seats and 3 middle back covers, so the lounger can be opened even with a sofa cover to fit most size three seater sofas 1. 75.3 cm – 91 inches (approx. 231.1 cm) Please refer to the guide of measurement in the photo for details, please measure before buying Non-slip sofa cover: The edge is elastic rubber, which is firmly fixed on the sofa, and there are two elastic buckles on the two sides, which can be tied to the frame to keep the sofa stable, no need to adjust after sitting on the sofa. Sofa Protector – This beautiful velvet sofa cover will refresh your sofa by covering everyday stains and blemishes and

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