RHAFAYRE 87cm Heavy Duty Waterproof Patio Heater Cover for Garden Heater, Pyramid Patio Heater, Large Triangle

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Til Butik

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? High quality Woodside cover for patio heater. Protects your patio heater from rain, dirt, dust, snow, tree sap, as well as frost and bird droppings etc. ? Heat protection vents reduce the risk of condensation and prevent the cover from moving in the wind. The cords with brass eyelets secure the cover to the your radiator. ? Heat shield dimensions: 61 x 53 x 221 cm. ? Outdoor patio cover compatible with most pyramid patio heaters, ideal for everyday use, especially useful during half-day season. ? Made of strong and durable polyethylene, it is made to last. Zipper closure for secure placement and easy removal. It can protect your patio heater when not in use.

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