Reusable Full Face Respirator, Organic Vapor Gas Cover Respirator, Net Pocket 6800 Mask + Trapezoidal Filter Box No. 4 + Cotton + Receiving Case

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Canister protection object Tank 3: Gases and organic vapour, benzene, ketone, carbon disulphide, etc. Tank 4: Ammonia Tank n°7: acid gases in vapor, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen oxides, etc. 1 Instructions for use: 1 . Hold the end of the strap with both hands, pull the strap fully, so that the mask can completely cover the nose and mouth, and connect the ties behind the neck to make the mask and face tight. 2. Pull the end of the strap again to tighten more. 3. Before use, check the mask to determine if it is properly sealed. 4. During use, when the user sent the smell or the inhalation resistance increases, the life of the filter case has expired, please replace the filter case or filter cotton correctly. 2. Special precautions for users 1. Please do not use this mask when the oxygen concentration is below 18%. 2. Please do not use in the following cases. ; Unknown Hazardous Substances ; Hazardous substances exceed concentrations that immediately

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