Rain Bucket Mesh Cover, Insect Repellent Mesh Cover, Water Tank Protection Cover

143,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554100710364649


Practical Bucket Cover: Enough for your daily use, not only the black mesh can prevent light from entering, but the fine mesh can prevent leaves and garbage from falling into the rain bucket, which is very useful in autumn when there are more leaves. Applicable size: The rain barrel grille is 95cm/37.4″ in diameter, suitable for rain barrels up to 33.5″ in diameter, you can also cover it on small tables, small benches at home to prevent dust from falling on the surface DURABLE MATERIAL: This tank harvesting tool cover is made of durable polyester material, the mesh is comfortable and thin, it is good to keep small things out of the bucket, its material is also strong, not easy to scratch or tear, you can Use it for a long time and the clean water it collects can be put on the bucket all year round. SAVE CLEANING TIME: The rain bucket mesh screen is easy to install, just cover the fine mesh on the bucket and fasten, this is a rain bucket cover for outdoor use, keeps the water clean, so

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