PrimeMatik – Sliding door track gear system with MDF wooden cover neutral color 2m

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Hardware system to install a sliding door. Rail with rail and bearings from which a sliding door is hung, which slides along the rail. Ideal for installing sliding doors, where the installation of traditional swing doors is not possible, due to a question of space, or for aesthetic reasons. The kit includes all the necessary parts to install the sliding door (the door is not included). specs Kit for installing a sliding door. Model with a neutral colored MDF wood perimeter. The user can paint the wood in the desired color. 2m long rail (it is presented divided into two parts that fit together). Bearing system that slide along the rail, smoothly and reliably. Total size of the entire rail, with hardware and wooden perimeter: 200 x 7.3 x 9 cm. Maximum weight supported (door): 35 Kg. Guide is supplied to optionally install on the ground. Avoid swinging the suspended door. To install this guide, the door must have a 7 x 20 mm (width x height) linear groove at the bottom. All parts are

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