Perle Rare – 2-Pack Electric Patio Heater Cover Waterproof, Electric Outdoor Garden Heater Cover with Zipper and Adjustable Drawstring 210D Wind and

356,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554100817139035


【High Quality Fabric】This product is made of high-grade heavy-duty Oxford cloth material, which can perfectly protect your outdoor patio heater from bad weather such as wind, rain, snow, etc., and keep your heater in brand new condition. 【Product Size】Outdoor Garden Heater Cover 184cm*52cm*38cm, suitable for Maguire & Weir, Olsen & Smith, Neo, Heatsure, GardenCo, Netagon, Schallen, Heatsure, Lvivo, Donyer Power, etc., most garden heaters. Please check that your Terrace heater is the right size before use. 【Flexible and Practical Design】The electric heating cover waterproof zipper helps to install and remove the cover easily, while the bottom drawstring design helps to fix the cover on the cover and hide the cable inside the cover, all-round protection and long service life. 【Cleaning and Storage】The dirt on the lid can be gently rinsed with clean water and dried. When storing, just loosen the fixed hem, unzip the zipper, take it off, and fold it into a gift storage bag. Simple and

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