Pcs Mobile Phone Camera Cover, Slider Webcam Cover

153,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554102022304806


Product Description Size: 12 * 28 * 0.12mm Color: Black Material: Plastic 1. ProtectionPrivacy: When the webcam is not in use, the privacy cover can block it. Providing a safe and private environment for individuals, workplaces, groups, businesses and governments. 2. Fits Most Devices: Webcam cover compatible with computer, all-in-one desktop, cell phone echo / show spot, 3. Ultra-thin Size: Only 0.12mm Ultra-thin, beautifully layered, clean, minimalist design. 4. Easy to Install and Use: Clean the dust around the camera. Simply line it up with your webcam, attach it and press firmly for 15 seconds for a powerful effect. Does not affect web browsing or indicator light. 5. Easy to UseNo Unwanted Opening: The phone camera cover can be pushed up and down with one finger. The camera slider does not unconsciously open by itself.

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