Patio Chair Cover Garden Table Deep Sofa Sweater Waterproof Cover UV-Resist Outdoor Mobilier Oxford Fabric Covers Cover Chairs

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Til Butik

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Description: The patio chair cover is made of high quality oxford fabric with a water resistant backing for protection against rain, snow, sun and dust. Adjustable bottom drawstring is designed to cover the furniture completely. Ideal for patio furniture, yard tables and chairs, outdoor wicker chairs, sofas, swing chairs, patio benches, etc. Features: [Drawstring] The adjustable bottom drawstring keeps the patio furniture cover securely in place, even in windy weather or unexpected gusts of wind. [Multi-protection] High-density coating, waterproof, mildew-proof, cold-proof, anti-aging, anti-static, can protect your garden furniture from rain, snow, frost, dust and bird droppings. [Tear Resistant] Furniture protector covers have double-bound inside seams for extra strength, high-density stitching for durability. [Lightweight] The compact and lightweight furniture cover can be foldable and very convenient and portable to carry anywhere. [High Quality Material] Made of high density

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