Outdoor Patio Heater Cover Waterproof Breathable Oxford Cloth Round Heater Cover 50x50x120cm Black

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Durable Material – The patio heater cover is made of durable oxford fabric that can withstand the elements and stubborn tears. UV resistant design provides exceptional durability against strong sunlight. The patio heater cover is used in all seasons. Windproof – there is an adjustable drawstring on the patio heater. This floor pull turns the patio heater into a protective cover. The patio heater cover does not warp in the wind. Dimensions: 50cm diameter x 120cm height, the available dimensions of the cover Radiant heater Check the dimensions of your patio heater for fit perfect. The protective cover fits most round patio heaters and radiators. EASY TO CLEAN – The patio heater cover is extremely easy to clean, spill with mud and clean. dry in the sun. Includes carry case for easy storage.

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