Outdoor Folding Chair Cover Betterlife 190T Oxford Waterproof Fabric, 93 x 82 cm

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Til Butik

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Durable Material: Made of waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof oxford fabric, this garden cover protects your furniture from wind, sandstorm and rain. Waterproof tear and UV: Made with water-repellent materials and bonded edges, it offers complete protection against cracks. UV protection design provides excellent durability in sunlight. Windproof: there is a rope in the bottom of the foldable chair cover to keep the foldable seat cover fixed on the chair so that the folding seat cover is not blown away. Wide compatibility: 93 x 82cm. Check that your furniture and equipment are the right size. This cover is suitable for various styles and brands of lounge chairs, folding beds and folding beds. Easy to clean and store: You can soften it with water and let it dry in the sun. Comes with a case for easy storage Product size: 82*93cm Product fabric: 190T silver coated Oxford cloth Fabric color: Mi Ka color matching Single weight: 190T: 0.2 kg Quantity delivered: 1 piece

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