Outdoor Faucet Lock System to Prevent Unauthorized use and Vandalism Garden Hose and casing Lock and Water-Saving Cover, and Easy to Install

183,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554102017001711


Outdoor Recreation Lock: The system is patented and award-winning to protect homeowners from unauthorized outdoor tap water. FITS MOST FAUCETS – Hoses fit most wall-mounted faucet hose sizes, be sure to check your faucet size before ordering; heavy-duty steel construction, anti-corrosion coating. Easy to Install – Easy to install on your faucet in seconds; no tools required; standard padlock (not included). Peace of Mind: You no longer have to worry about big swings in utility bills or interference with your pipes. Completed faucet and green faucet cover assembly. Outdoor household and vacation faucets, vacation homes, rental apartments, office buildings, parks, schools, restaurants, etc. Product description: Be it. Protecting your water, your property and your wallet is a priority. Don’t trust a locking system. Click Believe in the proven faucet locking system. This is an excellent locking system faucet that gives you peace of mind. Installs in seconds – No tools required – Saves

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