Nova Sunlounger Set Outdoor Garden Patio Furniture Protective Waterproof Cover

504,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554101911290115


The Cover for the Rimini Sunlounger Set is a weatherproof garden furniture cover designed to protect your furniture from dirt, rain, sun, snow, wind, and frost when not in use. Many people choose to cover their garden furniture when they have long periods of time they know they will not be using it as an extra layer of protection against the elements, helping to keep the furniture clean and ready to use again in summer. This Nova cover is designed to fit the Rimini Sunlounger Set. Attaching the cover is as simple as placing the cover over the set and fastening with the drawstrings and eyelets provided for a fully covered and protected set. This cover will arrive in a handy carry bag which can be used to store the cover away when not in use. To create a fully weatherproof cover, all Nova covers are treated with a specially formulated Weathertex compound which causes water to repel and bead as opposed to soak through the material. Plus, the high-quality, PVC-backed polyester ensures a

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