Net trailer cover with elastic edge,Trailer net Cargo net Stacking net,Trailer net 2x3m Trailer net with elastic band for optimal securing of the

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Til Butik

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The woven mesh ensures secure attachment and covering of the load. Finely woven enough to ensure cargo securing, even for small loads. UV and weather resistant to ensure year-round transport. A safety net for all weathers. The elastic band always remains soft and flexible. This load protection net fits like a glove. A single net for all car trailers of approximately 2x3m. A tailor-made safety net! Whether as a safety device for transport, as a free-range enclosure for rabbits or hares, as a sandpit cover or simply as a goal net. Reinforced edges and tensioner:For safe transport, the net is reinforced with 6 mm on the outer edge. Product list: 1 piece of cover net 2 x 3 m.

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