Mini greenhouse for sowing, 6 sets sowing tank with cover sowing tray bin vegetable bin with 6 pcs plant label for germination, growth in greenhouse

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Til Butik

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Together: 6 sets of sowing tray (including the cover, the water tank, the seed tank), 6 plastic plant labels and two small sowing tools, the use of nursery pots for the Plantation can facilitate management and save space Adjustable: there is a rotary disc on the top of the mini greenhouse cover for sowing, you can adjust the temperature and humidity of the sowing according to this sheet Rotative and effectively improve the seed germination rate Drainage hole: the tank sowed with 12 -grid lids, and each grid has a drainage hole at the bottom, a good drainage system can increase the survival rate Seeds and effectively promote seed growth. Transparent coverage: the upper cover of the sowing plants is transparent, light can be projected on sowing through the lid and you can observe plant growth at any time Size: Tail The sowing tray is 18.5 * 14.5 * 11 cm / 7.3 * 5.7 * 4.33 inches, with 12 cells, each cell size is approximately 1.5 inches, the size of The plant label is 10 * 2 cm / 3.93 *

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