Mat and doormat Pack of 10/5 pairs of rubber tips for trekking poles, protectors for tips for trekking poles, spare rubber head covers for trekking

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Til Butik

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“Product description Material: rubber Dimensions: height 40 mm, internal diameter 11 mm, external diameter 23 mm Color: black Quantity: 10 pieces / 5 pairs Package contents: 10 pieces * Foot covers for trekking poles 1.【Good decompression】 – Walking stick rubber The pad is made of high quality thermoplastic rubber, which promises a cushioning effect when walking on asphalt and avoids annoying noises on hard surfaces. 2. 【Robust and Durable】 Rubber shaft is wear resistant and provides sufficient support. Protects the pole tip, reduces shock and prolongs the life of the trekking pole. 3.【Beautiful design】 – Inner diameter : 11 mm, outer diameter 23 mm, height: 40 mm, suitable for: most mines. Optimal shape for best swing behavior, ammo function rtization of support and perfect seal. 4.【intensive use】 – Thanks to its round shape, the pad is suitable for hiking and mountain excursions. You can also use the buffer on asphalt or rocky ground. 5.【Eco-friendly material, easy handling】 Thanks

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