Huawei Y7 (2019) Plain Leather Wallet Phone Case Cover + Tempered Glass (Rose (Gold) Wallet

133,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 3796100684126178


If you require something to keep your phone free from bumps, scratches and dirt, then this is the product for you. Not only will this flip case protect your device to the max but also adds style and has an executive feel to it. Magnetic strap to keep it closed securely. Easy access to all controls. Fits Huawei Y7 2018 LDN-L01 + Screen Protector Fits Huawei Y7 (2019) + Screen Protector Phone clips in the inner case All round protection for the phone Made of Good Quality PU Leather Easy access to the top and side buttons. Use the phone in the case, no need to take it out, just flip open and use. Please Note: The colour of the product received may vary in shade slightly dependant upon the resolution of your screen /*Time for the CSS*/ * {margin: 0; padding: 0;} body {background: #fff; font-size: 14px;} #navbar-toggle-cbox:checked ~ .collapse { display: block; } #navbar-toggle-cbox { display:none } .navbar-fixed-top { position: absolute!important; } *, *:before, *:after {margin: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box;} p {margin: 0 0 20px; line-height: 1.5;} .main {margin: 0 auto; min-width: 330px; max-width: 1600px;} .content {background: #fff; color: #000; margin-bottom: 20px;} .content > div {display: none; padding: 20px 25px 5px;} input {display: none;} label {display: inline-block; padding: 3px 3px; font-weight: 600; text-align: center;} label:hover {color: #fff; cursor: pointer;} input:checked + label {background: #456219; color: #fff;} #tab1:checked ~ .content #content1, #tab2:checked ~ .content #content2, #tab3:checked ~ .content #content3, #tab4:checked ~ .content #content4 { display: block; } @media screen and (max-width: 400px) { label {padding: 15px 10px;} } .slider{ width: 750px; /*Same as width of the large image*/ position: relative; /*Instead of height we will use padding*/ padding-top: 420px; /*That helps bring the labels down*/ margin: 30px auto; /*Lets add a shadow*/ box-shadow: 0 10px 20px -5px rgba() } /*Last thing remaining is to add transitions*/ .slider>img{ position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; transition: all 0.5s; } .slider input[name=’slide_switch’] { display: none; } .slider label { /*Lets add some spacing for the thumbnails*/ margin: 200px 0 0 8px; border: 1px solid #999; cursor: pointer; transition: all 0.5s; /*Default style = low opacity*/ opacity: 0.6; } .slider label img{ display: block; } /*Time to add the click effects*/ .slider input[name=’slide_switch’]:checked+label { border-color: #666; opacity: 1; } /*Clicking any thumbnail now should change its opacity(style)*/ /*Time to work on the main images*/ .slider input[name=’slide_switch’] ~ img { opacity: 0; transform: scale(1.1); height: 85%; } /*That hides all main images at a 110% size On click the images will be displayed at normal size to complete the effect */ .slider input[name=’slide_switch’]:checked+label+img { opacity: 1; transform: scale(1); } @media screen and (max-width: 400px) { .slider{ width: 300px; /*Same as

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