Gdrhvfd – Floating Chair Floating Pool Water Hammock Floating Lounger Floating Toys Inflatable Pool Float Pool Chair Swimming Ring Bed Net Cover – Red

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Description du produit Features: 1. Floating chair: This adult pool noodle chair is very suitable for social activities on the water! A great noodle water chair, you can sit and chat in the swimming pool or floating lake. 2. U-seat floating chair: The shape of the U-seat floating chair makes it easy to float up and down without falling over in the water. 3. Easy to assemble: Create a pool noodle seat by sliding ordinary swimming noodles (not included) through the fabric cover of the chair floating on the back of the chair. It is recommended to use a 2.5-inch pool surface. 4. Cool: The cooling net swimming pool float water seat and standard noodles can provide an ideal amount of floating, keeping most people cool in hot weather, and allowing you to chat at the same time. 5. Flexible floating chair: The floating chair allows you to move your legs freely for water sports without having to grab the styrofoam noodle seat. Description: The mesh swimming pool floating chair can be folded

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