Garden Tarpaulin 5 x 8 m 120 g / m² ELEM – N/A

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The blue 5 x 8 m garden tarpaulin from ELEM is made of ultra resistant synthetic material which is mold resistant. It is designed to cover woodpiles, yet meanwhile it is also suitable for a multitude of other garden storage purposes. Furthermore, this tarp is equipped with metal eyelets on the reinforced corners, enabling the cover easy to attach to objects or to the ground. Besides, the tarpaulin is really lightweight. Protect your woodpile, car, motorcycle or boat perfectly against the wind, rain and snow with this garden cover. Colour: Blue Material: Plastic Dimensions: 5 x 8 m (W x L) Ultra-resistant Mold-proof Weight: 120 g / m² Metal eyelets on reinforced corners Washable SKU: 440174

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