Garden sprinkler, 17 hole oscillating sprinkler, width and flow control, water up to 2906 sq. Cover

471,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554100861299528


Premium Oscillating Sprinkler: Oscillating sprinkler with 17 holes, wide spray width adjustment for different sizes of square areas. Controllable coverage area up to 270 m² and water pressure (2 bar – 4 bar), efficient watering has your garden covered. Easy to install and use: Quick-connect adapter screws on in seconds to start watering instantly Gear motor for even, gentle watering of lawn. Maintenance Free: Gear motor mechanism for wide and even water distribution.Built-in special needle for cleaning spray nozzles. Widely used and ENJOY: The garden water sprinkler can be used for lawn, agriculture, nursery and lawn irrigation, compatible with homes, gardens, yards, roads, greenhouse watering and cooling. garden lawn sprinkler can also be used for family and children’s play. The rectangular sprinkler ensures that your lawn and plants are evenly and precisely watered without puddles. ‘water. The robust material includes metal elements to ensure the stability of the nozzle.

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