Furniture Cover, Garden Furniture Cover Waterproof Patio Tarpaulin Cover with Adjustable Rope Waterproof Oxford Cloth (64 64 120/70cm)

215,00 kr.

Til Butik

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【Waterproof:】This folding chair cover is waterproof, perfect for protecting wooden, plastic or rattan chairs/armchairs. 【Protective Cover】This waterproof furniture cover not only resists water damage, but also resists high-temperature acid and alkali, dust and UV rays. Washable fabric, you can easily wash the cover when you need it. 【Sturdy tarpaulin】 Drawstring design, in strong winds, you can tighten the cover with chairs. Quick Tip: When in use, avoid the sharp metal mouth to hit quickly. 【Size and Package Included:】 64cm x 64cm x 120cm / 70cm and 1 x Garden Chair Cover.

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