Fly cover, set of 6 food protection covers, foldable cake cover, umbrella food cover, perfect fly protection for food, fruit, picnic, barbecue,

125,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554101845636896


【Better protection for your food】 To protect your casseroles, salads and fruits from all insects, flies, mosquitoes and ants! Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, at garden parties, barbecues, catering events and picnics. Relax and enjoy instead of chasing the bugs all afternoon! 【Easy to use】 Very easy to use with one hand, just like a normal umbrella. Pull the rope to open it and press the top to bend it. Simple storage design for everyday life. 【Solid construction】 The umbrella tent frame is made of high quality metal, the surrounding net is tightly woven so that no insect can enter. Downstairs there is also a nice group that protects your food and drink from bugs. It measures 44 * 44cm and offers space for dishes and drinks up to 30cm in height. 【Decoration for your home】 White lace makes it a great decoration for your dining room. It is easy to clean, you can wash it directly with clean water, and it is easy to dry. 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】 Write email if you have any

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