Door Window Screen Repair Tape, Waterproof Fiberglass Mesh Covered Mesh Repair Kit, Vinyl Screen Adhesive Patch to Cover Window Door Holes and Tears

107,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554100948130432


SAVE MONEY: Low cost solution to repairing your broken screen door or window using a small screen repair kit. No need to buy a new screen door or screen window and replace it Strong and durable adhesive: This screen repair kit is designed according to the texture of the screen material . This kit has strong adhesive performance and will stay on the surface of your screen door or window for a long time Environmental protection materials: This screen repair kit is made of ultra-light materials, High & Low temperature resistance, super durable fiberglass Easy to use: just one minute. First clean the area you want to cover and cut a piece of the kit, tear off the release liner then simply stick it on the affected area screen doors, tent mats, pool screens, motorhome screens etc. .

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