Dining Chair Covers, Stretch Chair Covers, Decorative High Chair Covers for Banquet Hotel Kitchen We

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【Elasticity and Material】: Chair cover made of polyester fiber and polyurethane elastic fiber. It has good elasticity, is easy to install, flat and wrinkle-free, and fits the chair effectively, avoiding slipping.chair covers decorative stretchy does not fade, durable. 【Soft and Comfortable】: Soft, highly breathable lounge high chair cover fabric, and the elastic design fabric can effectively fit the contour of the chair, giving you a comfortable experience. 【Size and Packing】: Applicable chair size: chair back height 47-60cm, chair back width 38-45cm, chair surface length 38-47cm, seat width the surface of the chair 38-47 cm.Packing: Package 4″ includes

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