Dining Chair Covers, Stretch Chair Covers, Decorative High Chair Covers for Banquet Hotel Kitchen We

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【Elasticity and Material】: Chair cover made of polyester fiber and polyurethane elastic fiber. It has good elasticity, is easy to install, flat and wrinkle-free, and fits the chair effectively, avoiding slipping.chair covers decorative stretchy does not fade, durable. 【Soft and Comfortable】: Soft, highly breathable lounge high chair cover fabric, and the elastic design fabric can effectively fit the contour of the chair, giving you a comfortable experience. 【Size and Packing】: Applicable chair size: chair back height 47-60cm, chair back width 38-45cm, chair surface length 38-47cm, seat width the surface of the chair 38-47 cm.Packing: Package “4” includes 4 chair cover, “6” package includes 6 chair cover. Please accurately measure the size of the chair before purchasing. 【Usage Scenario】: Dining chair cover can be applied to chairs of most family sizes and is also suitable for offices, hotels, banquets and other places. It can effectively protect the chairs against scratches. At the

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