Christmas Tree Skirt Plush Christmas Tree Foot Cover Carpet Foot Cover Fir Needle Protection for Decorating Christmas Trees and Also for Placing

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Til Butik

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Design: The round tree crown consists of a classic red-green combination with the words “Merry Christmas” printed on it, and the edges are white tassels, which makes the whole tree crown a very progressive and beautiful look. AREA OF APPLICATION: At Christmas time, the tree canopy provides ample space for presents under the Christmas tree. In addition, the fir underlay provides floor protection against falling pine needles. Cables and tree supports can also be well hidden under the ceiling. GOOD TO KNOW: The tree canopy has a diameter of approx. 76cm. There is a slit and a hole in the middle so that the blanket can easily be put around the Christmas tree. Straps for attaching it to the tree are also integrated. The high-quality short plush material makes the combination of tree cover and Christmas tree even more eye-catching, the high quality can save you the cost of repeat purchases, which is very environmentally friendly. Christmas gifts can be stacked on the tree ceiling and can

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