Christmas Toilet Seat Cover and Bathroom Rug

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Til Butik

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Excellent Christmas decorations for the bathroom Add some fun to your bathroom with the Mr Sabtas toilet seat cover and rug. The set is a great decoration in your toilet, includes a cover for the box tissue box, seat and tank cover. Santa Claus Toilet Seat Cover Toilet seat covers and box are standard size for most toilets, and they are amazing and truly creative designed for style and comfort. Easy to wash and reusable. Made of soft, smooth and comfortable plush. Washable cloth. Mainly colored with the traditional red, green colors and have different shapes like Santa Claus, a snowman or a reindeer. They bring the finishing touch to your bathroom decoration. Beautifully decorated restrooms Decorating a bathroom with Mr. Santa Claus is a fun way to make the winter / Christmas season sparkle and add the holiday spirit throughout the house, especially for children, it will help make bathroom time more fun. Christmas present Cute design to decorate the toilet for Christmas and holidays,

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