Boat Fuse Block, Marine Fuse Panel with LED Warning Indicator, Moisture Proof Cover – 12 Circuit with Negative Bus Fuse Box Holder for Car, RV, Truck

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【Quick Fix】 – When the corresponding fuse blows, the red LED warning light will turn on immediately. The car’s fuse box will show exactly where the short or other fault is so you can easily identify and replace it! 【Make the wiring clean】 – Instead of Stack a bunch of wires and fuse holders on battery posts, the 12 Volt Fuse Box/Ground Bus Kit gives you 12 dedicated fuse and 12 ground slots to keep all wires neat, organized and accessible. Make your vehicle or boat’s electronics a breeze! 【SAFE MATERIALS】- Made of eco-friendly PBT material, the 12 volt fuse box meets all the standards of an ideal fuse box. It has the characteristics of mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy. Rarely causes issues such as cracks, warping, burning or shorting 【Universal Protection】 – Whether you’re building a large land-based lighting setup or adding power windows to your classic. The fuse box has a capacity of 100 amps, 30 amps per fuse and a ground bus, enough to protect

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