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Summer is over, and your BBQ grill has served its purpose for another year serving up some delicious meals and great memories over the gorgeous weathered months. If you want another delightful summer next year, your BBQ must be protected. Thanks to Maison & White, there is no longer any need to worry about your outdoor grill being vulnerable to weather damage as this BBQ Cover is the perfect shield against any snow, strong winds or heavy rain. This large, heavy-duty cover will protect your BBQ burner from any kind of bad weather whilst also keeping it clean and dry – meaning no rust! It’s not only weather-resistant but it is also resistant against rips and UV light so you’re cover will not lose it’s colour and can provide protection all year round. This BBQ Cover from Maison & White will prolong the life of your outdoor grill making sure it survives for many summers to come. HEAVY-DUTY As this Maison & White BBQ Cover is made from a polyester fabric this ensures the large cover is

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