6 Way 12V Fuse Box, Fuse Holder Blade Fuse Blocks with 16 Fuses 6 led Indicator Lights Protective Cover for 12V/24V Car Boat Marine Truck suv

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UNIQUE LED WARNING INDICATOR With LED fuse grill indicator. When the red LED flashes, it means the fuse has been disconnected, you need to replace the fuse in order to continue working. Can detect errors quickly and easily. OPTIMAL CONDUCTIVITY The 6-way fuse box is applied to ATC/ATO fuses, with positive and negative side, each positive terminal screw has a negative terminal. The maximum rated current of the battery box is 100A. Max.30AMP per circuit. SR MATERIAL Made of eco-friendly PBT material, PBT flame retardant for high and low temperature protection. Marine grade stainless steel inlet and outlet screws have high anti-corrosion performance. WIDE APPLICATION Widely used in vehicles, cars, boats, buses, boats, SUVs, yachts, etc. Product size: 87.75*85*36.5mm, weight: 176g CONVENIENT STICKER With multi-functional DIY sticker, it is convenient for examination and repair. Package included: 1 x fuse box, 2 x sticker, 4 x screws, 4 x 20A fuses, 4 x 15A fuses, 2 x 10A fuses, 2 x 5A

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