420d Oxford Cloth Hanging Sun Lounger Cover For Garden Swing, Conservatory, Lawn, Furniture Protection

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Quantity: one piece Color: Black Material: 420D Material:Polyester Double-Layer Waterproof Material: The hammock cover is made of silver PU material with excellent waterproof performance. So you can use the recliner after showering without drying the fabric. Waterproof button fly on the outside of the zipper: makes the zipper inchinvisibleinch. The sturdy bedspread is perfect for your hanging bed. Therefore, you can immediately protect the swing from the weather. Excellent wind protection: thanks to the drawstrings, you can pull the cover so inchtightinch that the wind cannot pass under the floating bed and the lawn below doesn’t turn yellow as the air hits your feet. The suspension recliner cover comes with a snap strap, so even in windy weather, the cover stays securely on the recliner without rattling, while fully protecting the bottom of the suspension bar. EASY TO USE: Simply pull the sturdy quilt over the entire bed and secure it to the eyelets on the hammock legs. The hanging

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