4 flexible aluminum gutter filters, diameter 8 cm, mesh, stopper, leaf sieve, leaf guard, gutter cover to protect the gutter from roof leaves,

143,00 kr.

Til Butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554101410684471


【No longer blocked】 Once the downspouts are blocked, they are difficult to clean. Then your gutters overflow, causing damage and rotting to soffits, siding, windows and foundations. in standing rainwater. 【Durable aluminum material】 High quality weatherproof aluminum mesh. They won’t rust or be damaged by sun and ice like plastic copies. Metal grates used as leaf guards are durable and also weatherproof. 【No Tools Required】 You don’t need gutter professionals anymore. Get your gutter guard filters installed in seconds. The downspout guard universally fits the most common gutter sizes. Just push the metal grates into position. 【Adjustable Size】 Not really sure what size your downholes are? No need to worry. This means a perfect fit and better filtering efficiency. 【Your life assistant】 You will receive 4 sturdy metal protective grilles. Save yourself the hassle of constantly unclogging your gutter. Effort minimal requis pour que tout reste clair et bien rangé. 4 Downspout Leaf Guards

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